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James Henry Linamen Family c. 1905

Although we still haven't identified everyone in this recently acquired photo, suggestions from Jean Houpt (granddaughter of James and Myra and daughter of Fred) are as follows:

"Back row:  Will, don't know the next one, Harry, Nora, Fred, and John.

1st row, excluding the ones being held:  Charlie, his wife Florence, James, Myra and the little girl seated at the end is Pearl.

Children being held:  Don't know the first one,  the one standing in front of James I think is Bessie, and the baby is Paul.

I figured the picture to be about 1905.  Using that date, I figured out the ages and it would make Charlie 19.  Harry would be 15 (he looks a little big for that age, especially when my father would be 14 and there is such a difference in their sizes.  So, I'm not sure.  The ones I'm real sure about are Will, Nora, Fred, John, Pearl."

James Henry Linamen, son of Charles Augustus Linneman and Suzanne Swartsfager, was born January 12, 1864 in Pennsylvania, and died May 19, 1929 in Pennsylvania.  He married Myra Ellenor Adams, daughter of John Wallace and Elizabeth Bly Adams.  She was born February 29, 1868 in Nickelville, Pennsylvania, and died May 04, 1962 in Jamestown, New York.  James and Myra had 15 children:   Charles, Frank, Harry, Fred, Nora, William, John, Della, Pearl, Bessie, Paul, Herbert, Myrna, Verna (who died as an infant), and another baby who also died.  

James Henry Linamen

Myra Ellenor Adams


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