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Johan Vilhem Holmlund, was born November 12, 1869 in Finland and died between 1917 - 1919 in Buffalo, New York.  He was the son of Gustaf Holmlund and Maria Sofia Esaiasdotter.  He arrived in the United States on December 20, 1892, on the ship State of California.  He married Amanda Gustava Anderson about 1898.   She was born January 1873 in Smoeland, Sweden, and died about 1916 in Buffalo, New York.  Amanda immigrated to the United States in 1887.  She was the daughter of Mr. Anderson and Christina Catherine Erickson Anderson.

Upon their arrival in the United States, Johan and his brother, Anton Walfrid Holmlund, went to Buffalo, New York, where their father's brother Wilhelm had immigrated to in 1847.  The brothers opened a paper and wallpaper store in Buffalo (on Maslin Avenue or Masten Avenue or East Utica).

In the 1900 US Census, Johan/John and Amanda are found residing on Niagara Street in Buffalo, New York (Ward 22). John states his occupation as "paper hanger" and that they rent the home in which they live. Amanda's sister, Mary Anderson, a seamstress, is living with them.

Johan and Amanda had three children:  Margaret, Irene, and Theodore (Ted).  Both Amanda and Johan died prior to the children coming of age, and this resulted in them going to separate relatives' homes.

Johan Wilhem Holmlund
Margaret, Age 5 months
Irene, Age 10 months
Margaret, Age 3 years, 10 months
Margaret and Irene
Margaret, Age 13
Amanda and Ted
Ted's school picture
Margaret, Ted and Irene
Irene and Ted Holmlund
Frank and Louise Holmlund Forbush 50th Wedding Anniversary
Frank and Louise Holmlund Forbush 50th Wedding Anniversary
Allen and Irene Holmlund Jansen
Descendants of Johan Johansson Wittberg