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James Dexter McKee

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James Dexter McKee, son of Marcus and Naomia Chard McKee, was born August 08, 1829 in Crooks Rapids, Peterboro Co., Ontario, Canada, and died December 27, 1903 in East Jordan, Michigan.  James was reportedly born when his parents were on a trip to Canada and there was no record of his birth.  He married Elizabeth Hayes June 01, 1851 in Rawdon, Hastings, Peterboro County, Ontario, Canada, daughter of Ira Hayes and Roxany Hawkins.  She was born March 23, 1830 in New York, and died November 01, 1914 in Michigan. 

Seated:  Elizabeth McKee,, Unidentifed woman, Ethel Gregory, James McKee, and Ivy Gregory

Standing:  Martha McKee Gregory, Arnold, Albert Trudgeon, unidentified woman, and David Gregory

On September 17, 1864 James volunteered for Civil War service in order to earn naturalization. He enlisted at Belfast, Allegany County, New York.  On May 3, 1865 he was released from military service (the war was over).

He reportedly applied for U.S. citizenship in Lapeer, Michigan, on October 12, 1872.  We don't know if citizenship was granted (supposedly he didn't realize he had to follow through).

James was a member of the Masons.  Family history notes that he was a quiet man, and that his wife wasn't aware that he was a Mason until the post-humus erection of his Masonic tombstone.  Word is she was pretty angry (she didn't approve of lodges).

James and Elizabeth had four children:  Homer, Ira, Thelbert, and Martha.

James Dexter McKee

             James's Bio

Elizabeth Hayes McKee

Elizabeth Hayes with group
Elizabeth Hayes with group
Ira McKee family.  Ira owned and operated a machine shop near Detroit.  He took care of his mother after his father died.
Thelbert McKee family:  Cecil, Madge and Grace
James and Elizabeth with the Gregories and Albert Trudgeon
James Dexter McKee Declaration of Intent
James Dexter McKee Tombstone
James Dexter McKee Tombstone (2)
Elizabeth Hayes McKee Tombstone
Ira and Jennie McKee Tombstone