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Family of George Washington Huffman 

and Lena Adams Huffman

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Back row:  Ruth, Elmer, Mary (first wife of Elmer), Charlie, Edna (wife of Charlie), Lillie

Front row:  Elmer Charles (E.C.) Manny (husband of Clara), Lena Adams Huffman, Floyd, Phoebe, Oliver, George Washington Huffman, Evelyn (on Charles's lap, daughter of Clara), Clara


George Washington Huffman, son of Jeremiah and Nancy Tate Huffman, was born April 16, 1869 in Atlanta, Macon County, Missouri, and died June 14, 1945 in Blackwell, Kay County, Oklahoma.  He married Lena Adams October 21, 1893 in Wellington, Sumner County, Kansas, daughter of William Preston Adams and Josephine McCurdy Adams.  She was born November 11, 1871 in Warrensburg, Johnson County, Missouri, and died April 20, 1938 in Anthony, Harper County, Kansas.  George and Lena had eight children:  Charles Dickens, Elmer Emerson, Clara Barton, Lillie Lehman, Ruth Opal, Oliver Wendell, Phoebe Cary, and Floyd Merle.

George participated in a land run in Oklahoma in September 1893 on the Cherokee Strip and was awarded a claim. George's grandson recalls that George had scoped out which lot was optimal prior to the run. The day of the race, all of the would-be landowners lined up around the perimeter of the strip, waiting for the gun to be fired, signaling the opening of the territory. George ran to his preferred lot, but another man had already pounded his stake into the ground. The man told George of another lot, not too far away, that was also a good choice. George ran to that property, only to find a stake driven there, also. However, the letter of the law required that to secure a lot, an individual needed to plow a strip of land prior to claiming ownership. The owner of the stake had inadvertently forgotten that requirement in his haste to fetch his family and show them their new lot. George hammered in his own stake, plowed a strip of sod, and claimed the land as his.

Sadly, George and Lena lost the farm in the Depression. George had loaned money to his son-in-law, Elmer Manny, to purchase a threshing machine. When the loan was not able to be repaid, George wasn't able to pay the taxes on his farm. They still lived on the farm, renting it back from the new owner.

Charles, Elmer, Lena, Ruth, Clara, Lillie and George on the homestead

Elmer, George, Charles, Lena,  Clara, and Lillie c. 1901

George Huffman family in Oklahoma  1910

George Huffman family in Oklahoma c. 1913

Lena and George, 1934

Labeled copy of above 1913 photo
Lena Adams Huffman

Lena's Bio

LillieTrudgeon, One Year Old
Huffman Homestead , Downstairs (Thanks, Dewey!)
Huffman Homestead, Upstairs
Grant County One-room Schoolhouse
Group at Drury Kansas
George Huffman Combining Wheat in Oklahoma
Ed and George Huffman
George Huffman and Grandkids
George Washington Huffman

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Lillie Lehman Huffman
George and Lena's Tombstones
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