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Charles W. Warner

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Charles Warner is somewhat of a family enigma.  In the above photo, handed down from David Gregory's descendants, he is referred to as "Uncle Charley."  He is purportedly David Gregory's half-brother.

Family lore tells us that Charles W. Warner was actually born William H. Gregory (son of Cirus and Mary Gregory) on June 25, 1843 in New York.  He served as a private for the North in the Civil War in New York Heavy Artillery Reg. 8 Co. D.  Also serving in that same company was Charles W. Warner, also born in New York in 1843, probably to Jonathon and Eliza Warner.  Legend recalls two men, one with a surname Gregory and the other with a surname Warner, being taken captive by the Confederates during the heat of a battle in the Civil War. They made a pact with one another, vowing that if one should die, the other would take the name of the deceased.  Supposedly, Warner died, Gregory hid Warner's body, then pretending to be dead himself, was dragged onto the pile of dead soldiers, later escaping and living to claim the identity of Charles W. Warner.  This story has many details that beg further explanation.  Sadly, we may never know the whole story.  The gentleman with the surname Gregory is thought to be William H. Gregory, whose circumstances seem to fit the person purporting to be Charles Warner (William's birthday, including year, is identical to Charles).  However, one account of the story names Cirus B. Gregory as the individual who changed his name to Charles Warner.  Again, we may never know what actually took place.

Mary Ann Villemonte was born in Buffalo, New York on July 26, 1834 to Frank Villemonte (of France).  She was married April 19, 1853 to William Mabbott and to this union six children were born, four dying in infancy. The two sons surviving were Charles W. and Frank Mabbott.   William Mabbott died while in service during the Civil War.  Mary was united in marriage Sept. 22, 1867 to Charles Warner and to this union four children were born. One son (Arthur) preceded her in death.  Records show that Mary A. Mabbott received a pension commencing June 5, 1863 of $8, and $2 for each of her two sons as a result of her husband, William's death in the Civil War.

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