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Frances S. Huffman Kaselack

Frances (Fannie) S. Huffman was born 25 July 1871 in Macon County, Missouri and died 30 August 1942 in Los Angeles County, California.  She married Edward Kaselack 23 December 1894.  He was born in January 1872 in Russia and died 29 July 195 in Los Angeles County, California.

Frances Huffman and Edward Kaselack had two children:  Otto Edward Kaselack and Sydney Kaselack.  Otto was born 10 April 1896 in Oklahoma and died 10 June 1995 in Alameda County, California.  Otto married Ethel Hines, daughter of William Hines and Effie Waller, in 1920 in Long Beach, California.  Ethel was born 08 January 1902 in Arkansas and died 07 January 1983 in California.  Otto and Ethel had two children:  Jack and Nancy.  Sydney Kaselack was born 3 January 1899 in Oklahoma and died 2 January 1981 in Solano County, California.

Edward Kaselack

Left to right:  Sidney Kaselack, Ethel Hines Kaselack, Otto Kaselack, Fanny Kaselack , and Edward. Kaselack  Date: 1920

Frances Huffman Kaselack