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Ted Holmlund Family Photos

Jon Theodore was born to Ted and Helen in 1957.  Four years later, Mark and Steve, identical twins were born.  Jeff was born eleven months later.

Meal time....
Helen, Hilda and boys
Melvin and Ted
Christmas Photos
Mark and Steve
Jon and Mark and Steve
Mark and Steve and Chris
Ted, Helen and boys
Ted, Helen, Bruce, Nancy, and boys
Nancy and boys
Ted and Helen's Tombstone
Jeff, Jon, Mark and Steve
Nancy and Bruce and kids
Nancy and Bruce and kids
Steve, Matt and Mark
Mark, Jon, Steve, and two unidentified women
McCall, 1987
Jeff, Jon, Nancy, Steve and Mark, 1988
Aunt Louise and Mark
Aunt Louise and Mark
Steve, Maury, Dorothy, Mark
Jon, Steve, Nancy, Mark and Jeff, 1992
Jon, Sharon and family
Mark and Candise and family, 1997
Dorothy and Maury Anderson and Holmlunds, 1997
1997 Reunion
Mark, Steve, Jon, Nancy, and Jeff
Pizza Party Photo
Pre-Wedding hugs
Steve, Jeff, Nancy, Jon and Mark
Matt Swanson Wedding, 2002
Hula skills revealed...
Jon and boys
Candise and Mark
Steve and boys
Steve and Martha
Nancy and Martha
Marshmallow roasting
Steve and Mark
Mark and Steve