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Elsie Jane Bell

Elsie Jane Bell was born in Nickleville, Venango County, March 20, 1841.  She was the daughter of George and Elizabeth Say Bell.  She was one of a family of eight children: two daughters and six sons. Her mother died when Elsie was 12 years of age and Elsie and her sister, Polly Ann, kept the home together, in their mother's place until the sisters' marriage.  One brother, Finley, died as an infant, and another brother, James, was killed in the battle of Gettysburg. The remaining brothers were Meeker, David, Newton, and John Bell.(1) 

(1) from Ferringers in America Since 1750 by Don Ferringer

George Bell (Elsie's father)

George's Bio

David and Meeker Bell (Elsie's brothers)
Newton Bell (Elsie's brother)
Polly Ann Bell (Elsie's sister)
Descendants of Walter Bell
Ancestors of Elizabeth Jane Say (Elsie's mother)